WBT_Tool V5.0
WBT-202 Inbuilt Software
For Windows XP / Vista / Win 7

1. Modify the Google Maps API Key issue for showing Google Maps.
The complete instruction of WBT_Tool, please refer to
【Help\WBT_Tool User Manual】in WBT_Tool
TimeMachineX V2.7.1
Supported software for PC
1. Improve accuracy of course calculate.
2. Fixed issue of NEF photo can't get Geotag.
3. Add Earth type of map in functon of report.
4. Fixed Temperature and Air pressure can't show on German Pc.
5. Add Temperature and Air pressure in to some out track file ,such GPX, CSV, KMZ...
6. Add Bike image for reprot function
Not support Windows 2000.
User Manual included.
In the Vista/Win 7, please turn off UAC before install TimeMachineX
1. Improve the process to run Mircro SD Card.
2. The SD LED indicator would light when the device is turned on. and go out when the initial process is done.